The instructor was a seasoned professional, gentle in correction and no harsh words...excellent one-on-one explanations & instruction. In terms of value, it was the best money I ever spent. The one thing I enjoyed most was the professional atmosphere and friendliness.
— Michael H, Aurora, CO
Very outgoing, professional and knowledgeable. The instructor took time to personally mentor me. Very easy to learn while in this school.
— Isaiah J, Lakewood, CO
The instructor was a professional with a wealth of knowledge. The instructor was very patient with me, especially when I was learning to shift and turn - always answered my questions and expanded on everything. I couldn’t have asked for better training...was worth way more than what I paid.
— David G, Denver, CO
The one thing I enjoyed most while I was in training was the knowledge and experience shared.
— Craig M, Denver, CO
These guys were fun to be around...answered all my questions...very easy to understand. My overall experience was excellent. I would highly recommend CDL Safety School. The one thing I enjoyed most was driving the truck...they have very good equipment.
— Thomas G, Littleton, CO
My instructor, was more professional than I ever expected / He was the best as he always took time to mentor me. The quality of training was more than just good. The one thing I enjoyed most was meeting my Instructor and Tom
— Manuel G, Edgewater, CO
My Instructor was excellent as far as knowledge, attitude and compliance. Tom demonstrated a desire to make sure all students needs were met. I most appreciated both the Instructor and the Owner as far as knowledge and professionalism. I strongly endorse this company to any and all agencies looking to certify drivers. These guys are good!
— John M, Arvada, CO
Very good explaining, answered all my questions - even stopped and answered everything. I learned what my bad habits were and also learned things I needed to implement for safety.
— Cheryl T, Commerce City, CO
Very informative / They took time to explain without any anger / Very nice people. The one thing I enjoyed most was the knowledge of the instructors.
— James K, Westminster, CO
The one thing I enjoyed most was how everything was explained.
— Joseph G, Frederick, CO
My Instructor was very knowledgeable / He never got upset or raised his voice / He was always 20 minutes early / He always pulled me aside when I was struggling / The training materials were very good / The one thing I enjoyed most was the quality of training.
— Brian H, Thornton, CO
My Instructor took the time to teach us right and was very patient. He was always on time anv very knowledgeable. The overall quality of training was excellent and I learned alot. The one thing I enjoyed most was getting knowledge from fun and experienced drivers.
— Vincent D, Brighton, CO
Instructor was very professional and precise with instruction - he knew how drivers were (going to act) before the drivers themselves knew. Instructor was knowlegeable - as a driver for 35 years and 3,000,000 miles, very knowledgable. He took an interest in me and wanted me to succeed. The tractor and trailer were superior. My training was worth every penny - you can’t buy safety! The value of training do you put a price on saving the life of yourself and others? I really learned how to operate not only myself, but a big rig as well - I gained a lot of knowledge.
— Arthur R, Escondido, CA
Even when I got frustrated, the instructor remained professional. He was always early and ready to go. The instructor very knowledgeable and definitely engaging. I feel good about the value of my training and think in my future will make good $’s. I confidently feel I know how to drive, back and inspect a semi.
— Nick V, Denver, CO
The one thing I enjoyed most was the instructors’ patience.
— Everardo G, Aurora, CO
My instructor was very well prepared, very patient and paid attention to me and what I did. I learned everything I needed - more than expected!
— Aleandro C, Aurora, CO
The instructor was very professional and fun! All the time he was very easy to communicate with. The overall quality of training was 100% effective. I enjoyed every minute!
— Rhett R, Houston, TX
My instructor was very skilled and professional. Being behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler is scary, but my instructor’s approach and temper was excellent. He spent numerous hours with me to perfect certain areas of my training. My overall experience was wonderful as I built unbelievable relationships with both instructors and I wouldn’t take any part of this experience back.
— Charles B, Colorado Springs, CO
My instructor never got on me where I felt bad - he made me feel like I was learning - he was very knowledgeable and communicated very well - I learned something new every day. This program was well worth it - I loved it all!
— Vincent H, Colorado Springs, CO
Always professional, very good at keeping his cool on the road and was very knowledgeable about the truck and the road. The information I got was great and I would have expected to pay much more. It was way more training than what I paid for. The thing I enjoyed most was all the instructors!
— Randal B, Arvada, CO
Everyone at the school took time to teach me and help me understand. My instructor took time to personally mentor me - slowed everything down for me and that helped. I learned a lot in a short amount of time because of the quality of training from you guys! I’m very pleased! It was a great experience!
— Michael N, Loveland, CO
Mike was very patient and professional. Always on time with a full plan for the day. He made things simple and I had lots of one-on-one training. It was a great experience and I would recommend this school. The thing I enjoyed most was the confidence I got from what I learned.
— Will E, Pueblo, CO
Everyone was professional. Very patient. Great on answering questions. Very good at making me understand. My overall experience was great!
— Charles R, Brighton, CO
Very professional. Very patient with excellent teaching. Explained things very well. Well organized. Affordable. The cost of training was affordable. The value of training was the best. My overall experience with this school was they have very high quality.
— Nicholas S, Thornton, CO
Relaxed, friendly atmosphere!
— Stephen S, Morrison, CO
Professional, patient, always ready, informative, very engaging and easy to understand. Amazing feeling of confidence in the training I received. Worth every penny. I’m very glad I came to this school. Great instructors - great system!
— Cory R, Colorado Springs, CO
My overall experience was excellent - they care about their students. The thing I enjoyed most was the staff - very professional and very informative!
— Mark M, Dumont, CO
Very knowledgeable. Did not get excited when mistakes were made. I had a very good time “knocking the rust off”.
— Lawrence M, Denver, CO
Very knowledgeable and patient. My relationships with the staff here have extended far beyond the school. It was well worth the price. The thing I enjoyed most was the instructors.
— Andrew D, Littleton, CO
Top quality instruction. My instructor had the patience of a saint - very appreciated. Very knowledgeable - every question was answered. Every single day, all day, there was a true value in this training. This training was the best I could have hoped for - I could not have expected better quality. I would highly recommend their knowledge to everyone. The one thing I enjoyed most was the excellent instructors.
— David D, Evergreen, CO
My instructor was easy to get along with, great at communicating and helping me understand new concepts. Very patient and didn’t get frustrated at all. Our small class size insured one-on-one time. My overall experience was amazing - couldn’t get a better experience!
— Jonathan P, Castle Rock, CO
Very professional and helpful. There was nothing I asked that went unanswered without great detail. Our truck was very well maintained, easy to drive and very clean. The cost of the training was well worth it and I learned a lot. My overall experience was awesome!
— Jason B, Denver, CO
Very professional. Overwhelmingly patient. Always ready to go. Went above and beyond basic knowledge. Patience really showed. Up-to-date and meaningful. Inexpensive for all covered. Outstanding confidence building. Enjoyed every bit of it.
— Marcello J, Castle Rock, CO
Top-notch professionals. Very patient with a wealth of knowledge. Worth every penny. Better than my expectations.
— Randall C, Colorado Springs, CO
Extremely patient and understanding. Really like live experiences in the industry. Instructor instruction was great. Very happy with the training received. Absolutely enjoyed my experience at CDL Safety School. The thing I enjoyed most was the staff - friendly, and enjoyed sharing.
— Roman B, Denver, CO
Patient & informative - taught well and I learned a lot. My instructor’s years of experience really showed - very intelligent and easy to learn from. The training was excellent and very fun.
— Todd P, Pueblo, CO
Awesome - fair but firm. My instructor communicated well with me, again firm but fair, wanted me to succeed. I can’t put a price tag on it - it has changed my life from here forward. My instructor was knowledgeable, ready, on time, professional and willing to stay after hours.
— Thanh L, Denver, CO
My instructor knows what it takes to be safe on the road and explained it well. Never got impatient even after saying the same things twenty times. Would answer any questions we had. It was nice to have a quality truck to drive. The overall quality of training was great - didn’t think that any (other) place would have taught us near as much stuff. Worth every penny plus some.
— Dan T, Denver, CO
Very professional and pretty patient - has good answers. My instructor took extra time to me in the areas I was failing. High quality training.
— Duane S, Lakewood, CO
Professional, but fun. Much information and very helpful. Great communication. Fun & excellent. I would do it again!
— Jim L, Steamboat, CO
My instructor managed to maintain a fun but still very professional environment - also demonstrated patience, but also knew when to expect certain things. I never had a question that my instructor could not answer. I felt like I got more than my money’s worth. I will refer people here and my instructor is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.
— Tyler K, Colorado Springs, CO
Awesome - will do anything to help or give you better understanding. Great knowledge, very involved with the students and their learning. Great mentor, shows great care for his students and their training and the training was awesome. Very fair, worth every penny. Got exactly what I was expecting and more. Best learning experience I have ever had - staff showed great knowledge and care for their students. My instructor was an amazing mentor - learned so much from him.
— Justin H, Colorado Springs, CO
My instructor knows his stuff - hard but fair - he always made learning fun and challenging. What I enjoyed most was the instructor and my fellow students.
— Arthur B, Denver, CO
My instructor was serious and professional, but not overly so - very patient, no matter what - very straight forward and clear when he explained things to me - he was never confusing. Gave me tons of one-on-one time which helped me a lot in the long run. The training was perfect and exactly what I needed to be a safe CMV driver. The cost was little compared to the amount and level of training I received. It was the greatest learning experience I have had. My instructor is an excellent trainer and I’m glad I chose his school.
— William E, Lakewood, CO
My experience was amazing and I’m glad I came. My instructor was very professional and helped me learn a lot - I wouldn’t change a thing.
— Waylon F, Pueblo, CO