Assistance from the State of Colorado

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

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Colorado Training Assistance Programs

Workforce Investment Opportunity Act

WIOA - CDL Safety School has approved programs. We are listed as an Approved School on the Eligible Training Provider List of the Department of Labor and Employment. Depending upon your level of personal income, financial status or employment status, there may be funding available to you. To find your nearest Colorado Workforce Center, click the link listed above.

Trucking Company Reimbursement

Many trucking companies will reimburse you for your CDL School fees, in some cases, up to $6,000.00. We are working diligently to qualify with many trucking companies. While doing your research, if you happen to find a trucking company that does not have us listed, contact us and we will forward them the necessary paperwork to obtain a listing on their verified CDL School programs.

Job Apprenticeship Programs available!

 Pre-Hire Job Placement is available before you even start your training. Tuition reimbursement is also available.

Veterans Assistance Programs