We focus on the individual driver at this trucking school,

and put a very strong emphasis on mentor-ship. We are a CDL training facility whose singular mission is to teach students all aspects of safe CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) operation.

One of our unique aspects is our one-on-one application of high quality industry training materials. The Programs are priced competitively, not necessarily the cheapest; however, they offer the best educational value of any existing school in the State of Colorado.

The success of our school is reflected in each graduate and their safe driving record.

They will have been taught with passion, thus igniting a passion within them to be safe and very well skilled in the operation of a CMV.

In all of our Programs, we have set as a very high priority, that BTW (Behind the Wheel) hours are prominent - we promise not to short our students in this area, as do so many other schools - we believe you learn to drive by driving. We also promise to put safety before profit or convenience, acting in a professional and safe manner at all times, whether on the road, range or classroom.

Courses and course descriptions are subject to change without notice.

Corporate training is available - all courses may be customized to meet the needs of the trucking company and driver(s).