Established in 2014, CDL Safety School

is known as a premier CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) school that trains people from all walks of life to be safe professional truck drivers.

Our clientele are public students, trucking companies and Colorado WorkForce Centers.

Our Mission

“To patiently mentor and passionately instill into the ordinary driver;
the superior skills necessary to operate a CMV safely regardless of the operational environment,
using excellent knowledge, good decision-making and critical thinking;
thereby creating extraordinary drivers."

CDL Safety School exists to provide the BEST CDL Training in Colorado!
— Tom Rausch, Director & CEO, CDL Safety School

Why Choose CDL Safety School?

  1. We have a 99.5% CDL Test pass rate since opening our school. Typical test scores average 95%+.
  2. We have a Job Mentorship Program that will work with you until you are hired - usually, our graduates have many very good job opportunities presented to them while they are still in training - anywhere from $18 to $24 / hour OR $45,000 to $70,000 / year.
  3. We have small class sizes and a lot of one-on-one mentorship, making sure you get the best training. We mentor you - our maximum Instructor to Student ratio is 1:2 on the skills range and on the road.
  4. We provide quality instruction - every Instructor has had his CDL for at least 20 years or more...millions and millions of safe miles experience. We provide quality, dependable equipment.
  5. We are a Third-Party CDL Testing Facility - we train you on the same range that you will be tested.
  6. We are simply the best at CDL training in this region - many companies choose to hire our students only, because when they hire a CDL Safety School Graduate, they know that you will have been trained correctly and safely.
  7. We are professional. Learning how to drive a big rig is fun AND it can be very challenging. Throughout your training, we will be very patient with you - you will not be yelled at or bullied - you will be treated with respect.
  8. We have access to very good paying jobs - whether you want to drive here in Denver or Over-the-Road - you may as well get paid well for what you love to do.
  9. We offer an All-Inclusive Program Fee which includes the cost of your final CDL Test fee and the Rental Vehicle fee.
  10. We offer for FREE, a 2 to 3 hour sample of classroom, skills and driving BEFORE you decide to enroll.
  11. We give you real world experience - you learn to pre-trip your vehicle on Day ONE. You start driving on Day TWO.  
  12. We give you true hours - Each BTW (Behind the Wheel) hour is when YOU are behind the wheel.
  13. We are “old-school” in that we just don’t train you to pass your CDL test - we train you to become a Professional Truck Driver. Truck maintenance, great tips and a priority on “safety-awareness” are very important topics.
  14. We offer eligible courses - there are 7 programs that are eligible for WIA (Workforce Investment Act) funding.
  15. We succeed when you succeed - we are with you from Day One to course completion. Then we stay with you from your CDL test to your first job. Then we stay with you some more - throughout your entire driving career, we are with you - to answer questions, give advice and help you succeed.

BONUS - Every CDL Safety School graduate is granted access to our Success Hot-Line - a toll-free number that CDLSS graduates can call 24/7/365 for any reason, in any situation.

News / Press Releases

July 1, 2015 - National Safety Council - Professional Truck Driver - Defensive driving course - 4th Edition Certification

Tommy Rausch is authorized to teach this awesome course.

December 17, 2015 - National Safety Council - Professional Truck Driver - Defensive driving course - 5th Edition Certification

Tommy Rausch and John Farcas are authorized to teach this course.

January 4, 2016 - A 1 CDL Testing

CDL Safety School is an authorized Third-Party CDL Testing Unit